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When you look at the research on behavior interventions, you are immediately struck by the number and complexity of issues involved. Problematic behaviors are obvious. The reasons for it usually are not. When more is known about the cause or causes of an individual's behavior, then appropriate interventions can be identified and provided.

Clearly, there are a lot of approaches individuals can use to prevent challenging behaviors and to address them when they occur. It is crucial to determine the interventions that must be sustained and include specific plans for promoting maintenance over time and generalization across settings. A combination of proactive, corrective and instructive management strategies are needed. Just as behavior problems and risk factors come in packages, so to should interventions.

Our team provides instructional therapy, habilitation therapy and comprehensive up-to-date information on: handling crisis management; developing communication skills; dealing with problematic behaviors; mentoring and mediation skills and creating new paradigms that best suit your needs.

We show how to orchestrate individual and group therapy that genuinely appeal to resistant clients and offers them dignified, face-saving ways out of their problems. We stress that holding adolescents accountable for their actions and choices is just as important as providing compassion for their plights, and helps attendees manage impasses and confrontations while keeping the therapeutic relationship intact. It also covers working collaboratively with parents, teachers, professionals and other third parties who may have unrealistic expectations how therapy can work.

Our program provides as much experiential learning as possible. Didactic material is balanced with interactive exercises, including case studies that are based on real-world situations. In this way, important concepts are reinforced through active participation and relevant problem solving. Our programs are not only entertaining, they are informative we don't bore the participants, we educate them. We also create programs to fit any budget.

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