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Charles Mims, A.A.S.

Charles Mims has 28 years experience working with people who demonstrate problematic personality disorders. Charlie is a graduate of Mercer County College and obtained his teaching certification from the College of New Jersey. Charlie was instrumental in providing group counseling for inmates at the New Jersey Training School for Adolescent Offenders and also dealt with many staff problems through instructional forums and counseling sessions.

Charles Mims has also been an ombudsman for the State of New Jersey and has dealt with a great many problematic situations that have occurred within the prison system. He is the creator of a counseling intervention call Fatherhood Broken Silence Group, which helps men understand their roles as fathers and how to develop themselves to become better fathers. Charlie also works with young women to help them enhance there self-esteem, self-worth, and self confidence. He has helped many young women realize their own independence and that they can be in control of their own lives. Charlie helps these young women with family, male, and child-raising problems.

Charlie has given presentations at numerous colleges, community agencies, correctional facilities and schools. He has worked with drug and alcohol programs and a great many youth initiatives. Charlie’s knowledge of the problems that occur with youth adults and people in general is based on his many years of having to solve problems within the correctional system and though his work as a counselor, ombudsmen and his total involvement with helping people find ways to resolve their own problems.

Dr. Fatum and Mr. Mims have worked throughout the State of New Jersey, as well as other parts of the United States, promoting their unique concepts on how to deal with people. Their workshops and seminars offer participants a vast storehouse of knowledge based on their experience with specific knowledge on dealing with the problems people face today, such as family problems, communications breakdowns, dealing with problematic people and behaviors, and coping techniques. Dr. Fatum and Mr. Mims both have a vast knowledge of the criminal justice system and the problems that are plaguing today’s society. Charlie and Roger discuss realistic and effective methods for dealing with and solving many of the problems facing adults, youths, and professionals in their everyday lives.

Renée Rossi Rosen, Esq.

Renée received her Bachelor's Degree from Kean University with a Major in Criminal Justice and a Double Minor in Political Science/Psychology. She subsequently attended and obtained a Master's Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Forensic Psychology. Having completed her Master's Degree, she had the opportunity to complete an Internship at the Training School for Boys for two years. This internship consisted of administering psychological testing, which was utilized for inmate placement purposes. She then had the opportunity to counsel adolescents, both individually and in groups. Following her internship, Renee pursued a law degree at Seton Hall University School of Law.

A partner of Explore the Challenge, Ms. Rossi-Rosen has also worked extensively with parents who have encountered the many problems concerning state resources for the developmentally disabled. She brings a practical knowledge of the law to all of our programs. She is passionate about helping people with problems and as a Forensic Psychologist, is usually able to sort out the root of most problems. Ms. Rossi-Rosen's passions for change, together with her organizational skills are useful in helping people overcome the problems that often occur in their lives.



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