Mission Concepts

Based on our education and many years of hands-on experience, the staff of Explore-The-Challenge has often encountered several stereotypical roadblocks that need to be addressed when working with problematic behaviors. Having worked with problematic individuals for many years, we have witnessed prejudice and offensive tactics played upon by staff members, educators and administrative departments. This has led us to examine our own beliefs, stereotypes and awareness. Proper instruction, patience and effort can go a long way in avoiding stereotypical concepts, myths, attitudes and beliefs surrounding how to work with problematic individuals. Explore the Challenge made its first breakthrough of these shortcomings when staff worked and developed programs in correctional institutions. We learned it was imperative to focus on educational concepts that included multicultural aspects, how to manage behavior, and the importance of understanding we were always working with people. Our staff became immersed in a) becoming aware of cultural assumptions and biases, b) becoming familiar with gender, racial and cultural competencies and ethics, c) we began the process of self-exploration as to how to deal with human beings and the subsequent impact behaviors have on how we dealt with others, d) we gained an understanding and knowledge about different reference group memberships, we reviewed research and its implications, f) we had many case examples that we worked with to successfully build and alter our techniques and skills that were necessary to deal with problematic behaviors and situations.

Through the staffs many years of experience they have developed the awareness, knowledge and skills that are crucial for understanding the techniques necessary for working with problematic individuals. The staff’s awareness was based on the examination of their own myths, ideas and stereotypes. The knowledge we gained can help others develop an adaptable non-stereotyping conception based on proper communication techniques as well as dealing with the social dynamics of diverse groups of people. In order to be sensitive and develop empowering methods and strategies our staff has developed positive ways of helping reflect positively their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. In order to be effective in dealing with problems these skills need to be developed and implemented.

Explore the Challenge understands that problematic individuals such as bullies, abusers, and obnoxious individuals are everyone’s problem. Therefore any solution to the problem must involve everyone from all effected groups. The staff of Explore the Challenge understands that in order to address the problem the problem must be acknowledged and defined and then systematically addressed in a proper fashion and in an ongoing manner. In other to improve problematic behaviors all concerned need to commit and acknowledge all the many dimensions in a problematic situation.

One of the major functions of Explore the Challenge is to provide training in the various aspects of problematic behaviors and situations. This training is provided in an educational setting with a multimedia approach. Explore the Challenge conceptualizes its training as more then just an add-on program. Our training is diametrically designed to be a more comprehensive and integrated “paradigm” in teaching people how to deal with problematic situations and dealing with problematic behaviors in individuals.

Remember you need to be part of the solution, because if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

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Mission Statement

Explore the Challenge has dedicated itself to a unique concept that allows people to explore and find solutions to everyday problems. In particular Explore the Challenge prepares its clients to think critically and creatively and globally to adapt to the changing social environments in which they live. A major goal of Explored the Challenge is to help people untangle concerns and provide helpful suggestions in the areas of communication, dealing with problematic people and to provide mentoring and mediation support.

Explore the Challenge offers a wide range of programs that are dedicated to instructing and providing comprehensive and easy to understand training so people can better comprehend their own problems. This is seen as a means to allow people to reach their full potential by helping each individual to find the ways and means to solve their own problems that they occur on a daily basis in the various environments they encounter.

Explore the Challenge is steadfast in it’s dedication to maintaining a client centered educational and counseling environment that has the main objective to help individuals become part of the solution to some of the problems they face in their daily lives. Explore the Challenge provides an atmosphere in which mutual respect is characterizes by relations with the members of a pluralistic society.

Explore the Challenge believes if an individual is not part of the solution they are part of the problem. Explore the Challenge is an inter-active program that serves as a source for training individuals in ways that will help them be part of the solution. Explore the Challenge is dedicated to providing an opportunity for individuals to gain a variety of personal learning experiences to supplement and enhance their own personal development. We attempt to help our clients meet their personal needs, goals and potential with responsible programming and the effective use of the most up to date available resources.



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