Conflict is an unavoidable part of our lives that can tear the fabric of our families and communities. If handled correctly, it can lead to personal growth. Adults can usually deal with conflict using logic, reason and effective communication. Children and young adults either lack these skills or do not know how to utilize them. Teaching conflict management allows individuals to solve conflicts using respect, cooperation, understanding and using proper ways to communicate.

Mediation is a process wherein a neutral third party helps parties in dispute to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution to their problem. In the process, agreement and disagreements are carefully explored, information is shared, options are developed and the interests of each party are clarified. The decision-making power and responsibility remains with the parties and the goal is to arrive at a reasonable settlement based on consensus. Mediation is NOT counseling, punishment, psychotherapy or arbitration.

For instance, the conflicts that occur in schools that require negotiation and mediation are often based on an individual's disagreement in a situation. These problems occur when one person attempts to maximize his or her benefits and prevents, blocks or interferes with another person attempting to capitalize on his or her own advantages. Our program works toward building a classroom and school climate conducive to resolving conflicts in a constructive fashion. The norms, values and culture of the school must promote and support the use of the problem-solving, negotiation and mediation procedures. Students and faculty must maintain positive attitudes toward conflict and be willing to seek out resolutions to gain positive consequences and outcomes. Emphasis is also placed on ensuring that students and faculty practice the negotiation and mediation procedures enough so that they become automatic habits that occur reflexively when an individual encounters a conflict.

Our staff is dedicated to working with individuals, teams, schools, community groups, corporations and small businesses - toward one common goal - conflict resolution. By taking a steadfast approach, based on solid training, education and a long term track record, you will find that whatever your needs, Explore the Challenge will be able to assist you. Our mediation programs are geared toward disputes among the workplace; community; large groups; parent/adolescent and family disputes. We use appropriate techniques and/or skills to open and/or improve dialogue between disputants, aiming to help the parties reach an agreement (with concrete effects) on the disputed matter

At Explore the Challenge, our program is based on the value and belief that conflict can be positive, because it signals the need for change. It also offers the opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and other people. Emphasis is placed on direct and peaceful expression of conflict where there is a belief that resolutions are best reached voluntarily by the disputants in conflict with the help of neutral third parties.

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