Habilitation Therapy

Habilitation Therapy is conceptualized in a different vein than other types of therapy and programs. When rehabilitating a problem that a person has developed therapists, counselors, or other professionals try to restore a person back their previous good condition or ability. They work to reinstate or reestablish a person with problems back to a more productive situation, making the assumption that there is a social infrastructure and a positive work ethic, which is not always the case. In Habilitation Therapy, the emphasis is placed on establishing the capacity to do things. Habilitation Therapy prepares a person or group through counseling, education, and training to develop the skills needed to adhere to work or societal norms. Habilitation Therapy works on building or fortifying the personís social infrastructure in order to build a strong and positive system of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Habilitation Therapy is a holistic approach that tries to positive work ethicdevelop the mind, body, and spirit, emphasizing the development of interdependence and positive work relationships. Training, educational experiences, discussions, and positive staff interventions are used to build a personís self-esteem. All aspects of Habilitation Therapy allow for the expression of real feelings, and all phases of Habilitation Therapy's modalities recognize the individualís developmental tempos. A person involved in a Habilitation Therapy programming is allowed to develop their own positive concepts on how to deal with a problem and that individuals should collaborate with others in their development. Habilitation Therapy not only aids in the retention of ideas, insights, and/or self-growth, but also leads to positive generalizations into the areas of conceptual decision-making.

Habilitation Therapy is based on interpersonal dynamics that develop between people and stimulate interpersonal change. This program works on transferring a personís locus of control from an external perception to an internal perception, which gets the person to take responsibility for his or her own actions. Habilitation Therapy works at developing critical-thinking skills that allow people to identify obstacles and avoidance mechanisms that make solving problems seem impossible. Interactions within Habilitation Therapy teach and reinforce the coping and social skills that reduce the tension and anxiety experienced in problematic situations.

Self-esteem; managing anxiety, tension, and frustration; maintaining stable relationships; and developing coping and communication skills are the primary needs met with Habilitation Therapy. The objective of Habilitation Therapy is to create a positive environment in which people can find ways to develop positive solutions to their problems. Habilitation Therapy creates a system in which a person can develop and practice the skills they need to interact with others in a creative and positive manner.



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